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AMS ValveLink® Software
AMS ValveLink Software is the configuration, calibration, and diagnostic tool used to realize the full potential of FIELDVUE® Instruments.  FIELDVUE Instruments and AMS ValveLink Software allow maintenance and operations personnel to monitor control valve health and performance on-line and improve reliability by identifying and diagnosing problems before they affect the process.


ValveLink PLUG-IN for PRM

Introducing ValveLink PLUG-IN for PRM.

ValveLink PLUG-IN for PRM is a version of AMS ValveLink Software that is integrated with Plant Resource Manager (PRM). This integration provides PRM users with the ability to launch the ValveLink PLUG-IN for PRM directly from PRM and to communicate with the FOUNDATION Fieldbus FIELDVUE Instruments through PRM.

AMS ValveLink Software v7.2, which is currently in development, will provide integration with PRM for both HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus FIELDVUE Instruments.

The ValveLink PLUG-IN for PRM has been evaluated by Yokogawa and is approved by Yokogawa for use with PRM and the Centum Control System:  Yokogawa Approval Letter

Reduce Commissioning Time

Save time by using the configuration and calibration capabilities of AMS ValveLink Software to perform these commissioning tasks online:

  • Automatically calibrate travel.
  • Verify dynamic response to input changes.
  • Setup Wizard walks you step-by-step through instrument setup and calibration. Setup Wizard asks basic questions about the valve and actuator to simplify and speed commissioning. You can even customize the Setup Wizard so that:
    • Instrument configurations are optimized for specific applications.
    • Manual entry is eliminated.
    • Alert points, travel cutoffs, travel limits, and characterization are consistently applied.

Realize the full potential of the FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers with AMS ValveLink Software and FIELDVUE Diagnostics

Performance Diagnostics AMS ValveLink Software
Performance Diagnostics

Predictive in-service diagnostics for monitoring the health of the valve assembly and customized diagnostics for advanced troubleshooting.

The predictive in-service diagnostics may be used to detect problems with air leakage, valve assembly friction and deadband, instrument air quality, loose connections, supply pressure restriction, and valve assembly calibration. When a problem is identified, the diagnostic provides a description and severity of the problem, a probable cause, and recommended actions.

In-service diagnostics for troubleshooting allow custom diagnostics to be set up to collect data at a high-frequency collection rate and present the data in a graphical format. When an issue is so complex that external expertise is required, the data may be exported from the custom diagnostic and sent to an expert for evaluation, thereby eliminating the need for an on-site visit.

Advanced Diagnostics

AMS ValveLink Software
Valve Signature Diagnostic

FIELDVUE Advanced Diagnostics vary the digital valve controller set point and plot valve operation to provide insight into the dynamic performance of the valve/actuator assembly. Advanced Diagnostics include out-of-service diagnostics such as valve signature, dynamic error band, and step response that will assist in the identification of emerging valve problems quickly and accurately.

The Valve Signature diagnostic is used to:

  • Valve friction, deadband, and shutoff capability.
  • Actuator spring rate and bench set.
  • Potential packing problems.
  • Compare current condition to previous baseline condition.

The Dynamic Error Band diagnostic is used to analyze hysteresis, deadband, and dynamic error.

AMS ValveLink Software
Step Response Diagnostic

The Step Response diagnostic allows you to evaluate how well the valve tracks an input change. By minimizing dead time, dead band, and overshoot, process control is greatly enhanced. With the Step Response test you can:

  • Validate tuning parameters.
  • Obtain a numerical analysis for overshoot, hysteresis, dead time, t63, and t86.
  • Define up to 11 steps.
A Performance step test provides a predefined sequence of 29 steps. This test allows the user to quickly evaluate valve and actuator response to signal change and determine maximum deadband.

Plant Resource Manager Plant Resource Manager (PRM) Version 2.05.10
Operating System Windows 2000 SP3 or Windows XP
Recommended Hardware Processor: 400 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk: 40 MB
Video: 800X600, 256 Color VGA
CD-ROM Drive
Contact Name: Local Emerson Process Management Sales Office
For more information, visit:

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